Time Tracking And Absence Management In The Cloud



Certified German data centers

All data is encrypted

GDPDR compliant

The data of your time recording are stored in certified, German data centers and are encrypted both during transmission and storage. Of course, our time recording is GDPR compliant. For more information, please see our privacy policy.



Quick setup

No minimum term

Change your licences any time

With the employee time tracking, you keep time accounts and ensure that working time laws are complied with.

With the project time tracking, you monitor project budgets and ensure that all hours are also billed.

With the absence management you ensure transparency in absences and manage vacation accounts and team calendars. You can flexibly define which modules you want any time.



Effortless integration

Accurate, real-time reports

Resilient processes

Time tracking is an important issue not only in the judgment of the European Court. Many companies require an efficient time tracking even today, so that their processes run smoothly. Time recording with paper or Excel does not meet these requirements. With PlainStaff you can use this potential to your advantage.



Great usability

Use it with any device

5 ergonomic themes

Nobody wants to spend a lot of time on HR processes. That is why one of our top priorities was to make PlainStaff as user-friendly as possible. Working with PlainStaff is therefore not only secure, flexible and efficient, but also fun.

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Employee Time Tracking

With the Employee Time Tracking module, employees can record their working hours conveniently and efficiently from their PC or smartphone in less than 30 seconds. The time recording ensures that the statutory working hours are not exceeded and that mandatory breaks are observed. With the time accounts, the employees as well as the management and the works council always have an overview of possible overtime, vacation and sick days. Permissions control that everyone only sees what corresponds to their role.

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Project Time Tracking

With the Project Time Tracking module, services can be assigned to tasks in projects. The employees, the project manager and the management keep an eye on the project budget at all times. The time recording monitors the billing status of the booked hours and reminds the project manager if hours have not yet been billed. With one click, professional and consistent time sheets can be generated for submission to the customer. In combination with the Employee Time Tracking module, productivity reporting is also possible.

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Absence Management

The absence management module can be used to manage all types of absences. From recreational absence to training courses and business trips. Both the different types of absence as well as the approval processes can easily be adapted to your requirements. With the team calendar that can be integrated into Outlook, everyone involved can keep an eye on their colleagues' absences at all times. With the help of the extensive web service interfaces, PlainStaff can also be easily and securely connected to your existing HR management.

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The purchase is made during the free trial inside the app. Minimum purchase is 5 licenses (no matter what type).

There is a 20% discount on the total price when purchasing 2 modules and 30% when purchasing 3 modules.

Employee Time Tracking

1,90 €

per User and Month

Time Recording of working hours

Management of time accounts

Restriction of overtime

Automatic deduction of mandatory breaks

Project Time Tracking

1,90 €

per User and Month

Time Recording of project hours

Creation of time sheets

Monitoring project budgets

Export for invoicing

Absence Management

1,20 €

per User and Month

Recording of all-day absences

Multi-stage approval processes

Team calendar with Outlook integration

Automatic management of vacation accounts

Always Inclusive

Certified, German data centers

Encryption of the data

High performance architecture

Easy handling

5 ergonomic color options

Bilingual (German / English)

Usability on all devices including smartphones

99,95% worldwide availability guaranteed


You can reach us Monday to Friday between 9:00 and 17:00. Should we not be available, please send us an email or just leave a message on our answering machine. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


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Help for PlainStaff


User Documentation

The end user documentation for our time recording app. It explains how to record your times and also all other functions of the app.

Introduction / FAQ

Employee Time Tracking

Absence Management

Project Time Tracking


Admin Documentation

This documentation is for administrators and explains how to configure and run the time recording app.

Admin Documentation / FAQ

REST API Documentation