Request for Vacation

You can apply for vacations (or any other absence) simply by making an entry in your calendar.

If an approval process has been defined for the absence type, the employee receives a corresponding message when the entry is saved and the approval process is started.

The employee has the option of adding a comment when creating the entry, which is displayed to the manager when the request is approved.

Approval of Vacation

All applications are approved from the inbox.

The inbox shows all currently pending applications as well as an archive of the applications that have already been processed.

The supervisor can decide on the application and justify his decision in a comment field.

Depending on the configuration, the entry is entered in the team calendar after approval.

In the event of rejection, the entry is given the status 'rejected', which is displayed accordingly in the employee's calendar.

The Teamcalendar

The team calendar shows all absences of all team members for which the entry in the team calendar was configured.

It can be easily integrated into your own Outlook so that the absences are also displayed in the Outlook calendar.

Employee Absence Overview

In addition to their calendar, the employee receives an overview of upcoming absences and their absence statistics on their home page.

Depending on the configuration, the statistics can include the remaining vacation entitlement as well as the sick days with and without a medical certificate.

Yearly Overview

The yearly overview shows all bookings of the whole year.

It also shows statistics for reamining, taken and planned vacations.