Home Page For Employees

The home page shows the employee the balance history of his time account, the calendar for the current week and some statistics on his bookings.

A new time booking can be made quickly and easily by clicking on the calendar or on the "Punch In" and "Punch Out" buttons.

New Time Booking

When designing the mask for time bookings, great emphasis was placed on ergonomics and ease of use.

All settings can be made using both the mouse and the keyboard.

The mask can be operated just as easily on the PC as on the smartphone.

The Calendar

The calendar shows all time bookings and the daily balances in either a monthly or yearly view.

Here, too, a new time booking can be created quickly and easily using the "New booking" button.

Existing bookings can be edited with one click.

Time Account

The account statement shows a monthly overview of all time bookings and provides detailed information about the target time, the daily gross and net times and any time corrections.

In this view, too, new bookings can easily be created or existing ones can be edited.

The account statement can be printed out or exported to Excel.

Employee Overview For Managers

The team overview shows the manager the time balances and the absence statistics for all members of the team.

For administrators, the overview contains all employees of the tenant.

Depending on the configuration, the statistics can include the time balance, the remaining vacation entitlement, the sick days with and without a medical certificate and the special vacation.

With a click on the name of the employee, the employee's time recording can be called up.