About debitoor

debitoor is a simple invoicing program for freelancers and small business owners. It is ready for use within minutes and creates consistent and professional invoices from the project times recorded in PlainStaff.

The highlights:

  • Professional preparation of offers, delivery notes and invoices
  • Tracking of the invoice including dunning
  • Automatic comparison with the bank account
  • Recording of cost accounts
  • Cooperation with the tax advisor
  • Asset management and simple cash based accounting

Create a free test account at debitoor.de and get to know debitoor now.

debitoor screenshot

Connecting to debitoor

The connection between PlainStaff and debitoor is quick and easy:

  • Generate an access token for debitoor on https://developers.debitoor.com/api-console.
  • Open the settings for debitoor in PlainStaff at Administration > Integrations by clicking on "Settings" on the debitoor tile.
  • Copy the debitoor access token into the field "API Key".
  • Enter the VAT rate to be used in the appropriate field.
  • Select whether the project description should be printed on the invoice. In this way, for example, an order number or a cost center of the customer can be printed on the invoice.
  • Done.
debitoor Connection

Using the Integration

The integration with debitoor gives PlainStaff two new functions:

  • In the customer administration of PlainStaff, customers can be imported from debitoor using the button in the top right corner. Only these imported customers can be used for subsequent invoicing. The import can be carried out as often as required. Customers who have already been imported are updated with the information from debitoor. Further information on this topic in the documentation.
  • In the project management of PlainStaff, the project times recorded in PlainStaff can be selected, grouped and exported to debitoor for invoicing. Further information on this topic in the documentation.
debitoor screenshot
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