About Notion

Your projects, wikis, and documents, all in one place. For small teams and large enterprises. With the PlainStaff integration, it's possible to create projects in PlainStaff for time tracking from the projects and tasks in Notion.

The highlights include:

  • Real-time collaboration
  • Customizable permissions
  • API integrations
  • Gantt, Kanban board, and calendar views
  • Managing tasks and projects
  • Building a wiki/internal knowledge database
  • Attractive notes and documents
  • Easy editing via drag & drop
  • Full functionality in the mobile app

Create your free account now at notion.com and get to know Notion.

notion screenshot

Connecting with Notion

Connecting PlainStaff and Notion is quick and easy:

  • Open the settings for Notion in PlainStaff under Gear > Integrations by clicking on "Settings" on the Notion tile.
  • Click on "Connect now."
  • A popup window will open (if not, please check if popups are blocked)
  • Log in to Notion if necessary and approve access for PlainStaff. On the next screen, select the databases you want to link with PlainStaff. Make sure you select not only the databases with the projects but also those with the related tasks.
  • After that, the popup will close.
  • Done.
notion connection settings

Using the Integration

Through the integration with Notion, PlainStaff gains the following new features:

  • Projects and tasks from Notion can now be imported into PlainStaff. To do this, in the project overview in PlainStaff, click on the burger menu at the top right and then on "Import projects." The import can be executed as often as desired. Already imported projects are updated with the data from Notion.
weclapp screenshot
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