Home Page For Employees

The start page shows the employee a graphic overview of his daily project times, a tabular overview of all his projects and some statistics on his bookings.

A new time booking can be made quickly and easily by clicking on a project or on the "New booking" button.

Project Overview

This view shows the project manager all projects for which he is responsible.

Administrators see all projects of the tenant.

The assigned tasks, the budget (actual and total) and the hours that have not yet been billed are displayed for each project.

The projects and their tasks can be edited and administered.

Employee Overview For Managers

The team overview shows the manager the project times of all members of the team.

The times can be displayed either as absolute hours, as turnover in local currency or as workload in percent.

With a click on the name of the employee, the employee's time recording can be called up.

Creation of a project booking

Project bookings can be created either directly ("New project booking") or via "Start task" using the + menu at the top left.

The project booking contains the project, possibly the task, the hourly rate, the date, the number of hours and, if necessary, a comment.

Export Bookings

With the help of this function, the project times recorded in PlainStaff can either be transferred to Excel or directly to an ERP system for billing.

PlainStaff offers ready-to-use interfaces for a variety of systems.

The billed hours are marked accordingly in PlainStaff so that there is always an overview of the not yet billed times.