New Release starting 04.10.2021

A new version of PlainStaff will be available to you from October 4th, 2021. We mainly worked on expanding the partner integrations. This version brings new integrations to the following systems:

  • billomat
  • easybill
  • invoiz
  • lexoffice
  • sevdesk

In addition, when integrating with debitoor and weclapp, there is now the option of connecting the PlainStaff projects with an order in the partner system.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs are fixed with the new release:

  • Date range validator for projects does not work
  • Employee overview refresh is treated as row click
  • Project status filter does not work
  • Export project bookings does not show all projects for admins
  • Sort customers and projects alphabetically in all selects
  • Dates for tasks are not saved

We hope the new improvements are helpful. If you have any questions or comments just drop us a few lines at

Your PlainStaff Team