New Release starting 05.07.2021

A new version of PlainStaff will be available to you from July 5th, 2021. This time most of the improvements are taking place inside PlainStaff. However, there are two new features in working time and project time recording that are worth mentioning.

New Punch In / Punch Out Logic

If the user presses the "Punch In" button, a timer is started. This timer shows the user on the home page the punch in time, the booking type and for how long it has already been running. With a click on the timer the user can complete the booking.

Project Booking Timer

There is now also a timer for project bookings. The user can start this with one click on the project start page. Once work on the project has been completed, the time can be booked with one click on the timer.

New Backdrops For Login Screen

We replaced the backdrops for the login screen by our own pictures.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs are fixed with the new patch:

  • Users should only be able to change color and calculation method for Holidays
  • Login hangs if error during auto login
  • "Normal" user can see inbox and home screen
  • O365 login without password in user profile doesn't work
  • Bookings with short duration do not appear in time overview
  • Wrong error message when maintenance mode is activated
  • Delete button in team calendar event dialog not working
  • Cannot change email address of a user
  • Username at login must be all lower case - should be not
  • Cannot delete project booking

We hope the new improvements are helpful. If you have any questions or comments just drop us a few lines at

Your PlainStaff Team