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PlainStaff User Documentation


PlainStaff offers quick and easy HR processes for browsers and mobile devices. Working times and project times can be recorded, time accounts managed and absences monitored. There are currently the following modules in PlainStaff, all of which can be licensed individually:

Supported Browser Versions

You can use PlainStaff with the following browser versions:

  • Chrome (latest)
  • Firefox (latest and extended support release (ESR))
  • Edge (2 most recent major versions)
  • Safari (2 most recent major versions)
  • iOS (2 most recent major versions)
  • Android (X (10.0), Pie (9.0), Oreo (8.0), Nougat (7.0))

Navigation within PlainStaff is carried out using the following navigation menus:

Navigation Menus

  1. With the hamburger symbol (three horizontal lines), the user can almost completely hide the left navigation and then has more space for the core application. You can then use the mouse to quickly show and hide the menu. If the user clicks on the hamburger symbol again, the navigation is toggled back on.
  2. The selection box for employees is only accessible to administrators and managers (only for members of their own team). With its help, the view can be switched to another employee.
  3. The module navigation allows navigation within a module. It always adapts to the currently selected module.
  4. The global navigation allows you to switch between the modules. It only shows the licensed modules and the currently selected module is always highlighted in color. In addition, the language of the app can be switched and the color scheme can be selected with the gear symbol.
  5. The start page navigation allows quick access to a PlainStaff module. It is only visible if several modules are licensed or the user has access to the inbox.


FAQ Working Time Module

How do the Punch in and Punch out buttons work? If the Punch in button is pressed, a booking with an open end is generated for the current day and the current time. The start time can be adjusted manually. If the user presses the Punch out button, the last booking with an open end is updated with the current time as the end time.
Why is time deducted from my working hours? There are statutory breaks that must be observed. What these are can be requested from your HR department. If these mandatory breaks are not adhered to, PlainStaff will automatically deduct the break time from your recorded working time.

FAQ Project Time Module

What is the meaning of the colored dots before the bookings? Red means that the booking has not yet been billed, green means billed.
How can I change the billing status of my bookings? The billing status can either be changed by the project manager in the booking mask for individual bookings, or changed using the "Change billing status" function in the project overview. In addition, the billing status can be set automatically when the bookings are exported.
How can I change the header, footer and signature fields of the timesheet? The headers and footers are configured in the settings by the admin. The signature fields can be changed directly in the timesheet.