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Vacation Entitlement

The vacation entitlement is stored with the individual employees. It is valid for one calendar year. If the employee was not employed by the company for the entire calendar year, the vacation entitlement is converted proportionally.

Vacation Entitlement for Employees

Vacation Entitlement

The annual vacation entitlement can be stored with the employees with a validity period. In this way, the vacation entitlement is also calculated correctly if it changes during the year, for example due to a contract adjustment. If no end date is specified for the vacation entitlement, this vacation entitlement also applies for all subsequent years. The standard vacation entitlement for new employees can be defined in the settings.

Standard Vacation Entitlement

Vacation Corrections

Vacation Corrections

With the help of vacation corrections, vacation days can be credited to or deducted from employees. The correction will be taken into account on the stored date.

Remaining Vacation

The remaining vacation is displayed to the employees on the home page.

Home Page

It is also included in the employee overview report.

Employee Overview