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Use the settings screen to adjust some general settings to your needs.


Basic Settings

The title and the logo will be displayed on the login screen. Please use a PNG image smaller than 100kB with a height of 80 pixels as the logo.

Edit lock

Edit lock

The edit lock can be used to lock the app to read only mode for all employees. If the edit lock is activated, only admin users are able to make changes in the app.


Your API key can be generated here, which is required to use the PlainStaff REST API. Protect it like your password! With the help of this API key, all data of your tenant can be read out and also changed.

Start of Usage

The date when you start using PlainStaff. The balances of the working time accounts are calculated from this date on. Therefore the balances will change if you change this date. No bookings are possible before this date.

Start of Booking Period

The start of the current booking period. No bookings are possible in the working time module before this date.

Time Tracking (working time module only)

Bookings limits

Booking limits

The booking limits define the minimum and maximum time the employees can use for their time bookings. The limits do not apply for admins. If you do not want to limit the times enter "00:00" and "24:00".

Working time rules

Working time rules

These rules define the standard maximum working time and enforced breaks for your employees. Enter 0 if you don't want to limit the working time. The enforced breaks are automatically deducted from the working time if employees work longer than the defined number of minutes without having a break of "minimum time for breaks" minutes.

Booking rules

Booking rules

The booking rules apply for all employees. Administrators are not affected by these rules.

Maximum day for bookings in previous month

This is the day after which the employees cannot change anything in the previous month any more. For example if this is 10 and we have the 11th of June, the employees will not be able to make any changes in May and earlier any more. Only admins can.

Months in the future

This number defines how many months into the future the employees can create bookings. For example if this is 1 and we have the 11th of June, the employees will only be able to create bookings until July 31.

Prohibited weekdays

This is a semicolon separated list of day numbers (week starts at Monday = 1) which the employees cannot create bookings for. For example if this is "6;7", the employees will not be able to create bookings for Saturday and Sunday.

Allow time bookings on public holidays

Decides whether or not the employees can create bookings on public holidays.

Vacation (leave module only)

Annual Leave

The default annual leave. Can be adjusted for each employee.

Team Calendar History

Number of months that the team calendar goes back in time. Older entries are automatically deleted from the team calendar.

Project Times (project module only)

Local currency

Local currency

Defines the local currency for the app. All turnovers in the project module will be converted to this local currency using the Conversion Rates.

Timesheet (project module only)


Header and footer for the project time sheet.