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debitoor Integration

The integration with dabitoor enables the automatic creation of sales invoices in debitoor based on the project hours recorded in PlainStaff.

Configuration Of The Integration

The configuration takes place under Administration > Integrations by clicking on "Settings" on the debitoor tile:

debitoor Einstellungen

The following settings can be made:

API key

In this field you enter the API key that you previously defined in debitoor. Please treat the API key just as carefully as your password. The key can only be viewed in PlainStaff by users with admin rights.

How to define the API key in debitoor:

  • Open the debitoor developer page at
  • Navigate to the API CONSOLE
  • Click on "Generate token" and log in with your debitoor credentials

debitoor API token


Enter the standard VAT rate that should apply to your sales invoices. It can be set individually for each project in the Project Settings.

With the help of this switch, the entries in the "Description" field of the PlainStaff projects can be printed on the invoice. In this way, for example, the customer's order number or a cost center can appear on the invoice.

Using The Integration